My first visit to the PoiCon



It was my first visit to the event like this. As if a chain of non-accidental accidents brought me to PoiCon2020. 


Everything that went on scene was so impeccable and appropriate that looked like a finely made staging. Have I ever thought that someday I would find myself in a place among the French, the Americans and the Estonians? No, I haven’t. This is an invaluable international experience that I, as a teacher, would like to pass to my students.

Master-classes in Energy club were held at the highest level. I wish I had gotten to all the masters. There were also amazing battles between participants and masters, as well as badass showcases and Openstage.



Most impressive were girls with meteors and brothers from Kiev with their performance named “Earthmen”. Pier Pariz, a guest from Belgium, really impressed the audience by his aggressive technique and furious manner to catch the poi. There were different kind of emotions. Bow Juggler’s performance not only spellbound by its skill to juggle the poi, but also passed the emotions so precisely that blew up audience’s minds almost definitely. Gleb Teryochine with his mega-warm and cozy action, and Ryan Dean Ducham, an artist from the USA, accompanied by a Russian track performed with his unique style contacting with the scene floor covering. Also, I would like to point out the Plotnikovs’ performance, who fought the battle with the best of the best and participated in showcase performances.

I express my thanks to all representatives of pixel and LED equipment on afterparty in Aglomerat club, to the guys from Ignis company who  provided an opportunity to test and spin all kinds of their pixel props that they brought with them. Thanks to organizers Lara and Julia for this super cool international poi convention that became first in my life, thanks to Ukrop for his master-classes, to Maxim Kosoukhov for excellently selected music material, to Ivan Gorbunov for precious info, and to everyone who worked diligently before, duing, and after the convention.

PoiCon2020 left the warmest memories. It’s really exciting to think that on the next year you will have to be very quick to sign up for this crazy event.

Once again, I would like to express my thanks for all these impressions. I am filled with new cool ideas and positive emotions for the whole year ahead, and I am already waiting for the next PoiCon with great excitement.




Written by: Elena Fedulova

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