How to choose a LED pixel Poi. Pros and Cons

We know that it’s complicated to choose good and appropriate pixel equipment. Our first advice is to choose us :) But seriously, it is a big problem. And we decided to help with this check-list:

– Pay attention to the resolution. When the resolution is high, your picture is more detailed.
– Ask about rendering speed. When rendering speed is not so high, the picture stretches into a rectangle. The image also become baggy and  distorted.
– Think about the software. It should be user-friendly and simple. Is it possible to easily upload graphic, create timelines and syncronize your show with music?
– Pay attention to warranty and customer service. Pixel equipment isn’t as simple as home appliances, so think about the repair terms and conditions.


We offer 2-year warranty for all our poi

We offer 2-year warranty for all our products: full-production cycle is located in Russia we can guarantee the highest quality of our pixel props. So, during this period we will repair or replace defective item for free (excluding delivery costs).

Our products are impact-resistant but not undestroyable. Very hard bumps can cause malfunction of pixel props. This is why warranty doesn’t cover malfunctions due to hard impacts. But in this case we offer repair that usually costs less than 100$.


30-day moneyback period

We also have 30-day moneyback period, if you are not satisfied with our pixel equipment. We worked a lot to fix all the problems with customer service and do it more transparent and convenient for our clients.


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