How to choose a LED pixel staff. Pros and Cons

Spinning staff is one of the simplest props for fire and light show. It is quite possible to master it at a good level in one and a half to two months of training, spending, on average, 4-6 hours a week.

It is best to practice in parallel with the video, i.e. pause and practice each movement immediately after explaining. This is the most efficient approach. If you first watch the entire video lesson, and then try to reproduce it from memory, the learning rate can drop significantly. In the lessons there are quite a few important things that seem obvious and understandable. But, as practice shows, when it comes to practicing movements, all these little things are forgotten.


How to choose a spinning staff…

Most performers say that the length should be selected individually, in accordance with the proportions of the body. This is very easy to do. Total length should correspond to the distance between the floor to the chin (some say to shoulder). Knowing this distance, you can order the staff of the required length.

With Ignis staffs it’s all simple, because we sell collapsible staffs consisting of a pair of poi and a staff connector. Just attach the poi to the both ends of the connector, and you get a staff. Owing to our fast mount system, you can do it quickly and easily. Staff connector (the middle part) is customizable, and we make its size according to your preferred total length of the staff.  Just specify required total length while placing an order.


Which model to choose

We have a lot of options for you to choose. A more affordable option is to choose staffs with shorter models of poi (32 Tech, 48 Lite, 80 HD Tech). As these poi have a shorter LED part, your staff will have short glowing ends with a longer non-glowing middle part. 

If you want your staff to have more resolution, more light and produce stronger wow-effect, choose staff based on longer models of poi – 80 Long, 144HD, 200 HD, 256 HD are the best for it. In this case, you will have a staff with a shorter non-glowing handle and big, bright LED edges capable of drawing cool detailed images in the air – a good way to make people amazed.


The last but not the least: we have two types of staff connections: Basic and PRO. The difference is that Basic connection is made of hard plastic, Pro is made of aluminum. Both types have fast mount system – just a few turns, and you get a staff.

Another good point about buying Ignis Staff: you get 2-in-1 item: poi and a staff, being able to transform one type into the other and vice versa just in few seconds.

Watch how easy you can do it: 


                        STAFF BASIC                                                        STAFF PRO


Choose your pixel staff here:







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