BubblePoi Review from Ivan Boiko

Hello, everybody! My name is Ivan Boiko, I spin poi, teach training public for contact poing #Prokatochki. I would like to share my opinion about new Ignis BubblePoi.

BubblePoi are programmable pixel poi by characteristics close to training props that makes possible to do the same tricks from static spinning, contact elements, to juggle them despite the fact that you hold in your hands pixel props. I would like to point out that the company produces their props to spinners' demands. Meaning that, poi not only should fit by size, weight and length, but also feel good at tactile and mechanic characteristics, and also be visually interesting, comfortable, and capable of holding constant workload, drops, festivals, and stand out among other props in the market.

The first thing I noticed in BubblePoi was built-in bearing. Before this, you could see swivels or other rolling systems on training poi with chains, and as a rule, it required separate installation. Here the bearing is installed inside the construction, and you can do such a trick as orbital, the cord overtwists less, the poi will be more stable in the air owing to rotation around its axle.

The second reason I like the poi – they are compatible with a mobile app to where you can upload pictures. In addition, you can see there statistics of your training, spins, throw, drops, average speed and other parameters. It's really something new and interesting in the process of training with such props as poi.

The third thing is my personal opinion. The things that I like in the poi are weight adjustment, possibility to change the brightness, to choose a single color mode. As for charging, I would say I charge them once a week, if I train 1 hour per day on average brightness. So, it keeps the charge well. In hits and drops the poi amortize, collide rather gently.

After a month of active using, they didn't reveal any defects or issues with LEDs.

That’s all for now. If you have some questions regarding these poi, watch full description on


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